Teaching Artist In Residence Concordia University 2019-2021

2020 - 2021 Courses

1) PHOT 398 C / 2 Fall 2020 

Constructing Identity and Place

Prerequisite: Enrolment in the Photography Major and Written Permission


How are reimagined ideas of place and identity made possible in image series and installations? How do photographers formalize and articulate their work's accountability to future oriented politics of representation? This 3-credit studio project course asks students to conceptually engage with optimistic anxieties and challenges facing emerging artists whose aim is to reimagine representations of personal and/or communal places and identities across landscape, documentary, portraiture and abstracted photographic traditions. Relevant reading materials will accompany ongoing class discussion of student work towards an end of semester image based project.

2) PHOT 398 A / 4 Winter 2021

Photographic Materiality

Prerequisite: Enrolment in the Photography Major and Written Permission

Historically, reframing Photography as an artistic pursuit fell to Pictorialism and Abstraction, as each art movement resisted the automaticity of the photograph. How does current interest in material based photographic practice connect to this history as well as contemporary post-Internet, screen-based image proliferation? How does absence or displacement of representational qualities determine the aesthetic success of image-object works? Redefining the act of "photographic seeing" across both digital and analog making processes is prioritized in this 3-credit studio project course. Alongside ongoing in-class discussions and analysis of contemporary texts and artists, students in this class will produce a series of experimental projects addressing abstraction and photographic materiality.

3) PHOT 300 B Fall/Winter  2020/21


Photographic Vision: Theory and Practice II

Prerequisite: PHOT 210 and ARTH 267 and enrolment in the Major in Photography. 


The purpose of this studio course is to provide a framework within which students pursue their photographic practice at an intermediate level. Students are encouraged to explore concepts and technical components in a long-term project. They develop a photographic language which is specific to their own practice and learn from the work of other contemporary artists. The final portfolio is content-driven and expresses personal artistic vision.

4) PHOT 480, 481       Independent Study (6 credits)
Prerequisite: 48 credits completed in degree program; a 400-level PHOT course previously or concurrently; and written permission of the Department.


This course provides a limited number of students the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in photography under the supervision of a full-time photography faculty member. A clearly defined written agreement between the student and the instructor involved is required before the independent study is undertaken.



2019-2020 Courses