2019-2020 Courses

1) PHOT 210 A Fall/Winter      PHOT 210 A

Foundations in Photographic Vision Theory and Practice I

Prerequisite: Enrolment in the Major in Photography or 24 credits in a

specialization/major in the Faculty of Fine Arts. In this course, students investigate and examine the numerous aspects of photography’s complex history, aesthetics, and processes, as well as different camera and darkroom techniques specific to colour photography. Students learn how to control the camera, expose film properly

(transparency and negative), develop good printing skills in colour, and produce a

coherent body of work.

2) PHOT 300 AA Fall/Winter    PHOT 300 A

Photographic Vision: Theory and Practice II

Prerequisite: PHOT 210 and ARTH 267 and enrolment in the Major in Photography. The purpose of this studio course is to provide a framework within which students pursue their photographic practice at an intermediate level. Students are encouraged to explore concepts and technical components in a long-term project. They develop a photographic language which is specific to their own practice and learn from the work of other contemporary artists. The final portfolio is content-driven and expresses personal artistic vision.

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