Instructor: Pascha Marrow Macpherson

*Subject to changes. Please consult online on a regular basis.

September 5 - Week 1


Presentation of Syllabus and Info sheet

Website, course structure

Shopping Lists


Plans for the semester

Cell phone assignment instructions

Facilities Tour

September 12 - Week 2

Class Schedule and Syllabus Review

Film Processing and Supplier List Update

Assignment 1 distributed

Cell Phone Photo presentation

TA presentation

Lecture 1: Introduction to Cameras and Demos

September 19 (Deadline to drop with tuition refund is September 16. This is also the last

day to add courses.) Week 3

Oral Presentation Schedule

Lecture: Review of Camera Shooting Concepts,intro to lens + Intro to Darkroom

-----------Darkroom Demo-----------------

September 26 - Week 4

Assignment 1 due

Assignment 2 Distributed

Lecture: Flash and Light

Light Meter Demo

Review of Colour Darkoom and Colour Issues

Darkroom Printing for Making Contact Sheets 

October 3 - Week 5

Lecture: Colour Cont'd

Studio Lighting Demo and Exercises 

Class Darkroom Printing / Test Prints

October 10 - Week 6 --- Assignment 2 due 5pm

October Photographers

Shooting Printing Review

Reading Colour

Darkroom Questions and Review Topics

Readings Assigned

Assignment 3 distributed and explained, Assignment 1 evaluations to be emailed

Class Darkroom Printing 10.30-12.30

October 17 - Week 7

Oral Presentations DUE

Readings Reminder

October 24 - Week 8 --- Assignment 3 due 5pm

Assignment 4 Questions and Review / Expand Final Project Fall Questions and Review

Dos and Don'ts Film and Negatives

Common Film errors link on resources page

Rifa and Ring Light Demo Continuous Lighting Tips

Oral Presentations

Readings check in, Medium Format if we have time

Class Darkroom Printing 11am

October 31 - Week 9 --- Assignment 4 due in class,

short presentations of 2-image Assignment 4"show and tell" style

Medium Format Cameras Mamiya and RB67

Individual Meeting Schedule

November 7 (last day for disc is November 4) - Week 10

Work Period / Class Darkroom Printing

Individual Meetings

November 14 - Week 11

Work Period / Class Darkroom Printing

Individual Meetings

November 21 - Week 12

Final Project Critiques

November 28 - Week 13

Final Project Critiques

Holiday Break – >Readings Assigned from Susan Sontag's On Photography (specific essays)