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Holiday Break -- January 14


Brian O'Doherty Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space

*Introduction and first 2 chapters LINK useful article


January 14




2) Elkin, James Art Critiques: A Guide (second edition, chapters 1-7) PDF

3) “School Is a Factory” (1978–80), © Allan Sekula Studio PDF

4) Chapter 4 art criticisms PDF













January 21


January 28  --- February 11

in the media!

1. Black and Indigenous voices often missing from climate change discussions CBC

2. ‘Literally life and death’: Indigenous climate leaders critical of Canada’s response to climate change report  APTN news

3. The Right’s New Rallying Cry in Finland: ‘Climate Hysteria’ New York Times

4. From growing medicine to space rockets: What is Indigenous futurism? CBC

5. Thread: Identity Politics Economics C Magazine




February Break Readings


March 3 - 10