in-class readings

books and links also available at the Concordia Library through the course reserves website

1. Azoulay, Ariella, "The Ontological Problem of Photography." Lexical Reivew of Political
Thought. Mafte'akh. 




2. Solomon-Godeau, Abigail. “Inside/Out” Public Information Desire, Disaster, Document
(SFMOMA 1994). 49-61. 

Weeks 2 - 5

3. The Propaganda of Pantone: Colour and Subcultural Sublimation (link)

4. We Don’t Need a Dislike Function: Post-Internet, Social Media, and Net Optimism (link)

5. Chan, Jennifer. “Notes on Post Internet” You are Here, Art After the Internet. Omar Kholief, ed. 2012. 

Weeks 6-11

1. The Perils of Post-Internet Art

    Brian Droitcour LINK

2. Beauty and critical art: is beauty at odds with critical political            engagement?

    Maria-Alina Asavei LINK and PDF  




Holiday Break

Brian O'Doherty Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space

*pages 13-64 

LINK PDF (also available at the library)