SEMESTER 2 Grade Outline


1. Mid Semester Assignments 20%  


a) Mid Term Critiques 10% due Feb 18 (please see PDF instructions below)

• minimum 1 print but this is fairly exceptional, 3-6 prints recommended

• Paper statement of your choice included unless you choose blind-read critique 

Grade determined by student's choice of critique suitability to their process and stage of presentation as well as quality (conceptual strength, technical skill, aesethetic resolve) of in-process work.


b) Mid Term Critique Feedback 5% due to Professor Feb 21 (email) 

• Professor will compile hand written feedback from students during mid-term critiques to be distributed anonymously to each student.

Each student will note in writing 2-3 observations, questions or judgements for each critique presentation. Handwritten feedback on hand-out sheets provided by Instructor.


c) Draft Artist Statement Workshop 5% due January 28

• 100-200 word draft Artist Statement from workshop


Each student will bring a draft artist statement to class workshop discussion January 28. 

2. Participation 20%

• Please see Participation section.


3. End of Year Portfolio Project and Critiques 60%


• 12-30 prints OR EQUIVALENT - resolved portfolio of work that demonstrates artist identity and conceptual success. Please include Title(s) + Artist Statement + Project Statement in presentations MARCH 31 and April 7.