in-class readings

books, articles and links available via the Concordia Library Course Reserves website

*Please take note of artist and instructional text references in Lecture Slides

Semester 1

1. On “Photography”:  A Conversation with Charlotte Cotton in the in-between journal of new and new media photography. January 30, 2018. Web.

2. Kit Lo, Kevin Yuen. The Propaganda of Pantone: Colour and Subcultural Sublimation Loki Design. 2016. Web.

----- Holiday Break

Susan Sontag's On Photography

During the Holiday Break, everyone must read the two first essays of Susan Sontag's On Photography as well as one more assigned third essay from this book.


Please find your name and 3rd essay reading assignment below.


Book is available on course reserves, in PDF form and on audible.


In Plato's Cave *Everyone*

America, Seen Through Photographs, Darkly *Everyone*

Melancholy Objects Isabelle, Stevie, Lev, Anling, Monica

The Heroism of Vision Chloe, Brooklyn, Isa, Hrad

Photographic Evangels Kylee, Maude,  Emily, Matt​

The Image-World Karolina, Evridiki, Patrick, Forrest, Elle






1. Solomon-Godeau, Abigail. “Inside/Out” Public Information Desire, Disaster, Document SFMOMA, 1994: 49-61. PDF.

2. Alan Sekula The Body and The Archive MIT Press October, Vol. 39 (Winter 1986), pp 3-64. PDF. 

March 5

1. Bartel, Marvin. Empathic Critique Using empathic critique to foster the culture of collaborative discovery in studio art classes Marvin Bartel © 2017 Web. 

2. Critique Guidelines (lecture slides and hand outs by Professor)

March 13


1. Lanir, Leslie. Roland Barthes Decoding Images and Image Rhetoric Explained July 11, 2019. Web.

2. Loock, Ulrich. Opacity Frieze Magazine. November 7, 2012. Web.





Semester 2