Hello dear students, 


Hope you are well and safely in your homes. 


You may have received some information regarding the PASS/FAIL option in terms of end of term grades. Below, we have provided the information from

Elaine Cheasley Paterson, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Faculty of Fine Arts:



  • Faculty will submit LETTER grades for all students in their courses this term.


  • The grades will be POSTED for the students to see (this happens once faculty submit their grades; the Chairs approve them and then Perla/SAS approves them).


  • If a student prefers a PASS rather than the letter grade they have received, the STUDENT submits a Student Request Form to request that their grade for the course be changed to PASS. There are more details needed from the Provost/Registrar on how exactly this will happen, but we do know this will be initiated by the student.


  • All courses will be coded as ELIGIBLE for this PASS/FAIL option on the system BUT if a Department has courses that it, as a Department, deems INELIGIBLE for this option then the Department must write up a RATIONALE for why the course(s) are ineligible, and these will be posted PUBLICLY so that students will know and have some idea why. This will not be a faculty decision about their courses but needs to come from the Department.


Therefore, what you need to know is that you will be receiving a letter grade at the end of term. If you are not satisfied with the letter grade, then you would have an option to request A PASS grade instead. 



We hope this helps clarify how the grading works for this term.


Wishing you all safety and health. Kindest Regards, The Photo Faculty