PHOT 300  - Photographic Vision: Theory and Practice II


Message from Geneviève Cadieux and Pascha Marrow:


We have reached a consensus regarding the modification of the upcoming schedule, the final assignment and the grade distribution of our courses.


- First of all, our main goal was to find a solution, which takes into consideration the imminent possibility that school might be closed beyond March 30. With that in mind, we decided to cancel the final critiques and the final assignment is redesigned to accommodate the decision that we won’t be physically meeting from now on. If you need to relocate, you may do so and will not be penalized.

*For extenuating circumstances, please contact us.


- We do not think that it is fair and realistic to ask for the completion of the final projects in the form of critiques considering the wide-ranging spectrum of how this situation might individually have impacted each student.


- As an alternative, we are asking the students to create a curated selection of jpeg images that can be compressed into a PDF document and 1 finalized artist statement.


This will be due April 9th – midnight, via wetransfer to




This Assignment will be worth 40% of your Semester 2 Final Grade (rather than 50%) and Your Midterm Critique will now be worth 30% of your Semester 2 Final Grade (rather than 10%).


Artist Statement 10%

Image Series 30%




Final PROJECT Outline – “Curate Your Work”  


Requirements and Format:


-    The final work will be 1) a PDF document that will include 15-20 jpeg images and 2) An artist statement. (min. 250, max. 500 words).

-     This is an exercise in how to adapt to new iterations of your work based on changing environments of display and cultural context.

-     You are encouraged to use images from your longer-term project (of course) but you may also use documentation of your work, cell phone images and found online images if they are used to support this new sequence and contribute successfully (aesthetically, thematically, conceptually) to the resolution of this screen based series.

-     This assignment aims to explore precise image sequencing and text presentation in a re-contextualized online format.

-     Please use screen-resolution images. Everything will be e-mailed as 1 compressed PDF. 

-     For your Artist Statement, please use 12pt font and double spacing with your name indicated on the document.




  • Be creative with this assignment. If you want to incorporate text visually in your

Image sequence, you are welcome to do so.

-   Try to take into consideration topics and references covered in class and individual meetings. 


Course Learning Outcomes 300-A


Below are the Learning Outcomes for this course as listed in our course syllabus. You can take these into consideration with this assignment and selection of images.


Learning Outcomes:


1) Assignments and portfolio display a coherence between artistic intention and aesthetic choices. Technical proficiency becomes a given.

2) The beginnings of a self-determined artistic practice will be established. (e.g. A method or routine where making becomes more habitual or integrated into working life.)

3) The choices involved in formalizing work for display no longer seem secondary or separate from the conceptual idea of the project itself.

4) The importance of text, theory, philosophy and art history as key elements of any artistic practice is understood. There is no neutral artwork that does not take on multiple positions, political or otherwise. There is no ahistorical image.

5) The student possesses a curated and massively thought-out body of work from which to work from moving into either professionalization or other modes of continued research.


How to Submit Assignment


-      Step 1) Please organize your images into a software that will allow you to place, arrange and sequence your text and images intentionally.


-     Step 2) Please ensure you use screen-resolution jpeg images to make sure your file is not too large for wetransfer submission.


-    Step 3) Compress this document (it could be a word document, an InDesign document, a Photoshop document, a text edit document) into a PDF file labeled with your first and last name.


  • Step 4) Please Wetransfer this document to me for April 9th at midnight


 *Don’t forget to include your Artist Statement!!!!







Evaluation Overview


This is an assignment that seeks to display all of your emerging artistic voices and visual styles while also offering an opportunity to reflect the limitations imposed by this huge historical moment.


Evaluation will be based on 1) the strength of the image selection, 2) the level of precision in image placement and 3) the quality of your artist statement.




If you wish to arrange a time to discuss your project, please email and we will schedule a meeting. Please do not hesitate.


*Very Important Notes*


-   If you have access issues to WIFI or a computer more generally, please let me know.

-   If you are facing other barriers including travel, illness or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We will figure something out.




All individual meetings will be done online or by appointments, if needed. These last two weeks would be for individual working periods, if desired.  Your presence in school won’t be mandatory. if the school reopens, and if you want to re-enter the facilities, you are permitted to do so. However any work completed there will not be considered for this final evaluation because we cannot grade the final assignment based on access to facilities.




The huge loss covid-19 means for all of your work and the momentum you were reaching up to this point is significant and truly worth taking time to absorb. I want to express sincere empathy for this disappointment. It is however very important that in times of health crises, safety and harm-reductive approaches to daily life and even art making, are prioritized. Please take sanitary precautions if and when re-entering school facilities and more broadly, take good care. Your wellness always needs to take priority and art will always find a way to survive, and even thrive towards transformation, in the most difficult contexts and circumstances.


Finally, I want to express that all of your immense and ongoing work towards your research and projects this year is not lost. Moving forward, you will be able to revisit this work, remake and re-contextualize all of it. Finally, I want to thank you all for your understanding and adaptability to these changes and for your committed engagement throughout this course.









 “Curate Your Own Work” – A Screen-Based Image Series

Project Purpose


This project is meant to inspire all of you to create a curated selection of jpeg images. Images placed in a document space or web space as a highly intentional and precise image series. Ask yourself: What is happening to your understanding of the gallery in this context? It has been said that the web browser, in fact the screen, usually defaulted to white background, is the new post-internet viewing space and economy space of art. It is a gallery space. And now more than ever this is true. In the coming months, you are going to witness an upheaval of the art world globally. Galleries and artist run centers are going to include more online residencies and programming. Social distancing will need to be contextualized in all manners of art making and how we think about looking at it.


Even though what has happened is surreal and stressful, I wanted to assign something relevant to this truth moving forward. How will you display your work in the near and far future? How will you plan this if you can’t physically go to places and working sites?


Also, I wanted to assign this project because it is an opportunity to lose yourself in therapeutic, escapist or critical images that speak to you both aesthetically and conceptually. It is very important that you understand that you are not required to shoot anything new. I do not want anyone going into the public to develop their negatives right now. Health and safety takes precedence at this time. Thank you for understanding. You are not obiged to include previous work or scans (but you are encouraged to). You have freedom to pair found images, Internet images, manipulated photographs etc… This assignment is intended to work for you not against you. As sequencing and selection are so prioritized in 300 as learning outcomes, this assignment also reflects those values and skills but asks you to transfer them towards an internet-based era and screen based display environment.


Moreover, as a class, we have been discussing different display formats as well as conceptual concerns and approaches to global crisis and apocalyptic rhetoric. I want you to remember these conversations and use them for yourselves moving forward. Don’t forget about all those apocalypse readings and discussions about dominant imagery surrounding crisis. Now more than ever, it is important you don’t forget yourselves and your training as sensitive, visual artists. Stay critical of the media and imagery around you and continue to value slowing down, art for art’s sake (not productivity) and its long-lasting commitment to community.



Questions to Ask Our Selves


What kinds of software or online tools could be useful to display and refine your work selection? Look through your own images in slide shows. Go online and let your mind wander. What kinds of images did you wish you could make for the end of this semester? What kinds of images do you wish you were seeing more right now in the news? What kinds of images just feel good for you? In the document or web space, how big and what kind of cropping feels good and appropriate for your image selection?


Format Decision


PDFs and websites can be viewed by many with Internet access therefore they are fairly universal formats for encountering images on screens. As mentioned before, it will be important for you to get acquainted with making screen-based works like this. Screen-based formats of your work can provide an immediate reprieve for viewers from the constant bombardment of information and imagery they face on their screen-based devices right now. Screen-based formats of image selections also offer a strong glimpse of an artist’s aesthetic and interests in a compact and easily forwarded form. This is going to become very important now for artists and curators.


It for all of these reasons that these two formats were chosen for this screen-based “curate your own work” image selection assignment.


*Options For What You Will Submit:


Option 1:   1 PDF document that includes your final artist statement, both bundled together into 1 file with your full name.


Option 2: 1 PDF document of your image series and a separate PDF or word document of your artist statement. Both labeled with your full name.


Option 3: A website page that uses scrolling precisely and with much intention for image series. This must also include a finalized Artist Statement. The address is due on the due date.



Assignment is due April 9th – midnight, via wetransfer to




This Assignment, the images paired with the final artist statement will be worth 40% of your Semester 2 Final Grade (rather than 50%). Your Midterm Critique will now be worth 30% of your Semester 2 Final Grade (rather than 10%).








-Images are visually interesting and demonstrate an understanding of composition techniques and/or photographic sensibilities.

-Their scale and visual qualities feel intentional and follows either an aesthetic unity or narrative.




- Sequence and placement of your image selection feels intentional and meaningful

- Questions or themes you are interested in across your work’s evolution are visible or referenced, aesthetically or within display and placement choices

- Interesting/engaging sequencing (generally)


3. Final Artist Statement

- Artist statement follows instructions (Respects word count maximum)

-Artist statement feels finalized and accounts for all of the class and Instructor feedback throughout the year as well as your own independent growth