Easy Riders (2015- )


drawings on bristol paper

various inkjet prints


masking tape, charcoal, acrylic, graphite, marker, ink, gesso 


A series of drawings inspired by photo images from Easyrider Magazine’s “Ol’ Lady of the Year” contest. This mail-in photo competition happened annually in EasyRider magazine throughout the 70s. Women signed a waiver to have photographs they chose of themselves published in the magazine to compete to win a cash prize. Although the published images were part of this competition, the playful and empowered spirit of the contestants implies that the self-styling and volunteer publication of these snapshots was the main goal of this editorial segment. 


Each drawing becomes a new representation of each

of the female contestants that submitted photos for this annual competition.


These drawings work to generate a sense of female gender multiplicity and personhood fictions about these contestants. Their imagined identities are embellished while their photographs become iconic archives of a form of under-celebrated, female self-portraiture.

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