utopia means no place

ou ‘not’ + topos ‘place’

Utopias: Alone Together (2018)

“Being is always an instance of Being-with. Whatever exists co-exists”1

Solitude is defined in relation to communion that is absent. There is no one without the other.

Anne O'Byrne, Natality and Finitude, p123.

Utopias: New Work (2018)

When figures are caricatured into crude drawn lines or smudged painted shapes, they are displaced into fictional no-where places. A decontextualized image becomes more shareable, relatable and generates a larger plurality of associations and meanings for the viewer.

Utopias: Islands (2019)

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Es-tu ici?

Ou là.

Il peut exister un groupe d’îles.

Mais chaque île demeure seule.

La séparation porte-t-elle la mémoire d’un ensemble?

Ou l’oubli est-il plus important?

La forme de la mer.

Le rivage.

Are you here?


Or there.


There can exist a group of islands.


But each island is still its own.


Does separation remember wholeness?


Or is forgetting more important?


The shape of the sea.


The shore.

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